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Individual Dance Lessons

Private Dance Instruction

Private dance instruction is the most streamlined and personalized way to learn; you can schedule dance lessons at your convenience, and you can learn about twice as quickly as in group classes. Private dance lessons also a great way to prepare for a wedding or special event; see our Dance Lessons for Weddings page.

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Semi-Private Dance Lessons

Bring your family, friends or wedding party to the studio, and make learning to dance a social event!

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Dance Immersion - We will have you Dancing Like a Star!

Have you ever fantasized about how joyful it would be to immerse yourself in dance for just a short time and watch yourself become a smooth and stylish dancer?

dancing with the starsWere you intrigued by the hot new reality TV series Dancing With the Stars or So You Think You Can Dance seeing non-dancing celebrities emerge as incredibly sophisticated and elegant dancers in 8 weeks or less after partnering with a ballroom dance professional?

Do you remember the classic dance movies Dirty Dancing, Shall We Dance, and Dance With Me – all tapping into one's unrealized potential through a brief period of intensive and exhilarating training?

If your toes are already moving and your heart is rhythmically beating, take hold of your inspiration and make your dream a reality. I have coached hundreds of caterpillars to become butterflies. Check out our Student Testimonials!

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Student Testimonial

“We were shocked and thrilled at how easy it was to learn to dance, after putting this off for so long, and believing that we had four left feet between us. We wish we hadn’t waited so long!”
Chris and Pat

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Dance Lessons at Your Wedding, Rehearsal Dinner, or Party

Dance Movies are a Great Way to get Inspired!

See our list of popular dance movies

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