Take a Dance Break

Wanna raise your energy in the middle of your day when you’re stuck in busy mode? Take a dance break. You can be in the worst mood, feeling grumpy or just too busy, and a dance break can turn your day around. Or at least your hour. Put on a song you love, high energy… Read More »

Is Nightclub Freestyle Dancing For You?

If you feel really awkward when faced with a dance opportunity in a club, party, wedding or social event, you can find relief in just one private lesson in nightclub freestyle dancing, (sometimes known as “fast dancing”, or “freestyle”.) This is the informal kind of dancing where you’re not touching your partner, just boogieing freely–… Read More »

Dinner and Dancing

Are you wondering if your dance partner will be as excited as you are about learning to dance? Do what so many of our students do: try a new cafe and make an evening of it! Dance class night becomes Date Night with your spouse, your sweetie, or your best friend. There are some unique… Read More »

Dancing While Queer

Note: OUT to Dance welcomes people of all sexual orientations: heterosexual, queer, etc. We offer both Dance Classes for Everybody and LGBTQ Classes. This post focuses on the dance classes we offer specifically for LGBTQ folks. 🙂 LGBTQ, same-sex, queer, gay, bi, trans and lesbian partner dancing has a rich history in Boston dating back… Read More »

Thanks For Making My Day!

Sometimes I get a comment from a student that makes my heart swell with joy. It’s one of those moments that really makes my day. I’d like to share two of them, from Julie, Laura and Kathleen, three queer students. “I recall my well-meaning sisters scoffing when I said I was too embarrassed to take… Read More »