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Cha Cha

OUT to Dance offers ballroom dance classes and more at West Roxbury School of Dance: Want to try our dance classes? See our current class schedule under Classes for Everyone. And we have LGBT dance classes on Sundays.

The cha cha is an extremely popular Latin and ballroom dance that shares lots of style with salsa. An amazing array of well-known music has a cha cha rhythm, from Latin favorites to current pop and hip hop tunes, from the Beatles to Roy Orbison to Santana and more; so this is a really useful dance to know!

Ballroom Cha-cha and street Cha-cha-cha in Cuba count "two-three-cha cha cha."
Country/western Cha-cha-cha and Latin street Cha-cha-cha in many places other than Cuba count "one-two cha cha cha" or "cha cha cha three-four".

Cha Cha Music: The Cha Cha is danced to Latin music, contemporary pop or hip hop, and even occasionally country music. The music for cha cha cha can be either energetic or slow and sensual, always with a steady and easy-to-find beat. (Cha cha variations: "Cowboy" Cha Cha is danced basically to any "four on the floor" music; in addition there are a number of country western novelty dances with the names that include "cha cha".)

Hip movement: Latin hip movement is achieved through a simple alternate bending and straightening action of the knees. Just shifting weight will result in a nice, relaxed hip movement.

Cha cha is a fairly simple dance, and very popular, and it's danced to music of all eras, including the most cutting edge pop music heard in clubs today.

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When joining our dance classes, note that our OUT to Dance studio locations, West Roxbury and Roslindale, are within twenty minutes of downtown Boston, Dorchester, Jamaica Plain, Hyde Park, Brighton, Allston, Brookline, Newton, Roxbury, Chestnut Hill, Dedham, Norwood, Needham, Westwood, Milton and Quincy; and within 25 to 35 minutes of Cambridge, Somerville, Arlington, Wellesley, Natick, Waltham, Braintree, Brockton, Stoughton, Canton, Foxboro, Weymouth and surrounding towns.We are also less than an hour from Providence, Rhode Island, Central Mass., and New Hampshire.

Cha Cha Dance Music

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Want to try our dance classes at West Roxbury School of Dance? See our current class schedule under Classes for Everyone. And we have LGBT dance classes on Sundays.

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