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OUT to Dance is no longer offering Hip Hop Dancing - but we love it anyway!

History of Hip Hop Dance

Old school hip hop dance refers to the hip hop dance styles that evolved in the 1970s and 1980s, and were primarily danced to funk and old school hip hop music. Breakdance appeared during this time and is said to be the first and original hip hop dance style, as it's considered a cornerstone of hip hop culture itself.

In the 1980s, many funk dance styles that originally evolved separately from hip hop dance, such as popping and locking, started to be incorporated with the hip hop culture as well, and could be seen combined with breakdance.

Today, many of the old school styles of hip hop dance are as alive as ever, and can be seen at dance clubs, competitions and in the media, commonly used in popular music videos.

Hip Hop, Pop Culture and Reggaeton Dance Instructor Kristina Marley on being a female hip hop dancer and choreographer: "I honestly feel that women are just powerful and talented beings anyway, especially when they are passionate about something, and this has been misrepresented and misunderstood in hip hop especially. But the nature of hip hop dance is exploding in a very exciting way and women are now coming together to fight that stereotype. In my dance class you can, like in the quality videos by the quality hip hop artist, catch a glimpse of this amazing level of creativity and power in the dancing; and I am confident that everyone is getting hungry for that. Most of the videos that I find now about hip hop dance teams are either all girl or co-ed, and I have yet to see too many all male teams, so what was once a very male-dominated style of dance is really opening a lot of doors for females. And a lot of females are walking through that door with guns blazing which is, I guess, besides the obvious talent and power, what really inspires me and draws me in to the current hip hop dance evolution."


It is historically inaccurate to say that the funk styles were always considered hip hop. The funk styles were adopted into hip hop in large part due to the media. Once hip hop activist and DJ, Afrika Bambaataa, used the word "hip-hop" in a magazine interview in 1982, "hip hop dance" became an umbrella term encompassing all of these styles. Due to the amount of attention locking and popping were receiving, the media brought these styles under the "breakdance" label causing confusion about their origin. These hip hop styles were created on the west coast independent from breaking and were originally danced to funk music rather than hip hop music.

As breaking, locking, and popping gained popularity in the 1980s, hip hop social dancing (party dancing) was starting to develop. These precursors to hip hop dancing are an example of the many dances that have appeared since hip hop developed into a distinct dance style. Like hip hop music, hip hop social dancing continues to change as new songs are released and new dances are created to accompany them. (Wikipedia.)

When joining our other dance classes, note that the OUT to Dance studio locations in West Roxbury and Roslindale are within twenty minutes of downtown Boston, Dorchester, Jamaica Plain, Hyde Park, Brighton, Allston, Roxbury, Brookline, Newton, Chestnut Hill, Dedham, Norwood, Needham, Westwood, Milton and Quincy; and within 25 to 35 minutes of Cambridge, Somerville, Arlington, Wellesley, Natick, Waltham, Braintree, Brockton, Stoughton, Canton, Foxboro, Weymouth and surrounding towns. We are also less than an hour from Providence, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, and Central Mass.

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We highly recommend our former hip hop instructor, Kristina Marley, teaching all ages at Judy's School of Dance in Stoughton. :)

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