Take a Dance Break

By Liz | February 25, 2023

Wanna raise your energy in the middle of your day when you’re stuck in busy mode? Take a dance break. You can be in the worst mood, feeling grumpy or just too busy, and a dance break can turn your day around. Or at least your hour.

Put on a song you love, high energy preferred. Or pull one out of our playlists. Then get up out of your chair and move your body. (Bonus points if you’re in a cubicle!) Dip your knees, shift weight to the beat, and bend your elbows. Just dance; or an approximation. Wave your arms? Step wildly across the floor? Sing along? Yes! It’s only 3 minutes. Now get back to your to-do list and see the difference.

Dance breaks work. It’s an instant mood lifter! Just try and prove me wrong. If you wait until you’re dressed up and out dancing on some awesome dance floor, you could be waiting quite a while. (Unless you’re in one of our group dance classes!) Exercise your right to move your body to the beat any way you want to! Let me know how you like it.