Thanks For Making My Day!

By Liz | August 11, 2022

Sometimes I get a comment from a student that makes my heart swell with joy. It’s one of those moments that really makes my day. I’d like to share two of them, from Julie, Laura and Kathleen, three queer students.

“I recall my well-meaning sisters scoffing when I said I was too embarrassed to take conventional dance classes. They didn’t understand how it feels to be the only gay/ transgender person in a room, especially in the traditionally gendered atmosphere of dance class. You were Fred or Ginger according to your birth certificate–period. OUT To Dance classes changed all of that for many people for the first time.”

Kathleen A. Carbone from Somerville, MA

“What can we say – Liz made all of our wedding dance dreams come true!  We took salsa lessons with Liz several years ago and had a blast, so when it came time to think about our wedding dance, we knew just where to turn.  We couldn’t have been more right.  As always, Liz was helpful, supportive, and so fun to work with!

We were nervous about our dance, and wanted to show off our skills to our friends. From the first lesson, Liz helped us dance with ease, and encouraged us to just enjoy the dancing – not plan it or choreograph it, but to be sure the dance felt like us.  Those few weeks leading up to the wedding were stressful with other planning details, but going to dance lessons with Liz was truly the joy of those weeks, getting to spend time together, laughing, dancing and enjoying it all.

When it came time for our wedding dance it was a piece of cake!  We were able to incorporate all of the steps she had taught us, had the confidence to keep our heads up and enjoy the moments, and really tune-in to one another.  It’s now one of our favorite parts of both the planning and of our actual wedding day.

We continue to get comments about how great our dance was – what a self-esteem booster! People even sent us videos of our dance, which we were so grateful to have (we didn’t hire a videographer). We watch them over and over, it brings us right back there.  We looked pretty good! 🙂 Thanks Liz for making our first dance truly the best, and for helping us have the most fun and loving preparation.  We can’t thank you enough!” Julie & Laura, Somerville, MA

Thank you, Julie, Laura and Kathleen, for telling how much your dance classes meant to you. 🙂