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Wedding Dance Lessons

Important COVID news:

We are planning to re-open for group classes and private lessons in Sept. 2021, if it is safe to do so.

Until then, we'll regrettably be unable to accept new students, but we'd love to add you to our waiting list.

In summer 2021 we will re-open in a very limited capacity to serve individuals who purchased gift certificates with us in 2020.

We're sorry for the inconvenience, but we'd love to dance with you this fall! To reserve a spot on our waiting list or to be notified about our September classes, just email us. Stay safe!

Our dance studio got an "A" rating and Super Service Award on Angie's List, only awarded to 5% of all businesses.

Liz is a great dance teacher! My husband and I signed up for private dance lessons and we had a lot of fun while learning great moves for our first dance. Liz is passionate about what she does and has an awesome personality. Scheduling was easy. We rocked our dance! Svetlana L., Worcester, MA

Dance at The Wedding, Stress-Free!

wedding dance,first dance,wedding songYou can make your wedding dance the most joyfully memorable dance of your life, no matter how many left feet you think you have; at the award-winning studio of OUT to Dance, we can guarantee you'll gain the basic dance skills and confidence you'll need to look great and feel relaxed on the dance floor when all eyes are on you. Plus, dancing is a superb stress-reliever as you count down to the Big Day, and our 20+ years of experience prove we will make learning to dance a wonderfully fun experience.

There are several ways to learn to dance for your wedding:

  • Our 1 1/2 hour wedding dance workshop, "OUT to Dance at the Wedding" (scroll for info below.) Most of last season's workshops filled up, so please book early!
  • "Your Best Dance Ever"- our 3-session wedding dance semi-private class (2 to 4 couples.) (Scroll for juicy details below.)
  • Our fun "Eleven Dates" Package! (Info below.)
  • Group dance classes- 8 weeks
  • Private dance instruction
  • Or, customize your own dance lessons with any combination of these options. Contact Liz to discuss your wants and needs for your dancing, and she'll help you look at the possibilities so you can choose the most convenient and optimal plan for your learning.

Wedding Dance Lessons and Packages returning :

OUT To Dance At The Wedding: Our 1½ Hour Dance Workshop

Instructor Liz Nania, Director of OUT to Dance. This workshop will give you the skills and confidence to dance your first dance of your wedding, or any slow to mid-tempo song at any event, with grace and simplicity. Bring your song! You'll learn creative slow dancing/schmooze foxtrot, (an improvisational ballroom dance,) enough to allow you to look and feel natural and spontaneous; you'll learn the secrets of leading and following smoothly; you'll experience the fun and romance of partner dancing, and you'll leave with a sense of relief and triumph, (and a surprising desire to hit the nearest dance floor as soon as possible!)

This workshop will give you some valuable experience dancing in the room with other people, just like on your wedding day! (Except there'll be a lot fewer people.) Absolutely no dance experience or necessary. (You may also combine this workshop with any private dance lesson package, counting this 1 1/2 hour workshop as one hour of your total private wedding dance lessons for some savings.) Most of last season's workshops filled with waiting lists, so book early.
OUT to Dance at the Wedding Workshop $89 per couple earlybird registration paid at least one week in advance; $110 regular registration

Next wedding dance workshop: returning in 2022; email us for more info.

Please specify session date when registering.

(A minimum of two couples is needed to run the workshop. If fewer than two couples register, you may apply your tuition to private lessons, if you choose to do so. Most of last year's workshops filled, so register early.) Workshop will be held at our private studio at 6 Quarley Rd., Roslindale; directions will be emailed to you upon registration.

Your Best Dance Ever: a fun 3-session semi-private workshop on creative wedding dancing and "Romance Dancing".

Instructor Liz Nania, Director of OUT to Dance. Create your beautiful first dance in just 3 weeks! You'll look forward to your first wedding dance once you experience this fun and exciting semi-private workshop. Bring your slow or mid-tempo song (or songs) in any genre; any kind of music is danceable! Join us for three classes in our Roslindale studio. You'll create a believable personalized dance, uniquely yours, ready for the big day! (Hint: no memorized choreography necessary: you'll leave with a toolbox of natural well-executed movements and spins, initiated by your new leading and following dance skills.)

This workshop gives you some great experience dancing in the room with other people, just like on your wedding day. (Except there'll be a lot fewer people, and they won't be looking at you!) Absolutely no dance experience needed. Space is limited to two to four couples. Most of our last season's wedding dance workshops filled up, so register early to avoid disappointment!

"My mood was always so much better when I left this class than when I walked in!" Jeff Melville, Somerville, MA

$150 per couple earlybird rate if registered at least 7 days in advance; $175 regular registration.

Next Best Dance Ever workshop: returning in 2022; email us for more info.

Most of last year's workshops sold out, so register early. Please specify session date when registering.

Wedding Dance Workshops will be held at our private studio at 6 Quarley Rd., Roslindale.

See Registration Page to sign up. Directions to our private Roslindale studio will be emailed to you after you register. (A minimum of two couples is needed to run the workshop. If fewer than two couples register, you may apply your tuition to private lessons during the same hour as the workshop, if you choose to do so. Most of last year's workshops filled, so register early.)

"I just wanted to tell you how much Jason & I enjoyed the "Your Best Dance Ever" series. What a difference three classes can make! We were both shocked at how much we progressed in such a short time, and how much fun we had doing it! You're a wonderful teacher and made the entire endeavor stress-free and lots of fun. I love that your method has left us looking natural on the dance floor and that our first dance isn't going to scream, "We've been taking dance lessons!" We signed up just hoping to make it through our first dance, and now we're both talking about expanding our repertoire. I'd love to be on the mailing list for your fall schedule." Elizabeth Dayton, Dedham, MA

"Eleven Dates With Your Fiance" Dance Package

...a romantic stress-reliever! Learn to dance confidently while enjoying eleven fun dance nights out with your fiance(e).

  • Choose one eight-week group dance class, and schedule two one-hour private dance lessons at your convenience, plus a one-and-a-half hour wedding dance workshop: OUT to Dance at the Wedding.
  • ...or choose one eight-week group dance class, one private lesson, and a 3-session wedding dance workshop: Your Best Dance Ever.
  • Either package gives you 12 hours of dancing and romancing, (plus big skills) for you and your sweetheart for $475 per couple; that saves you $90 off individually priced lessons and classes. (Then check out our Date Night suggestions for local cozy places to eat and drink after your dance lesson.) Imagine how great you'll look and feel on the dance floor at the wedding, after you've enjoyed these dance dates with your beloved. Register here.

"Liz is the best teacher ever! Highly recommend the private lessons. My partner and I had no dance skills and wanted to not embarrass ourselves at our wedding. Lots of anxiety. She has a great way of putting you at ease, teaching you all the little things to make you feel confident, and most importantly, making it fun! She lets you drive the pace and what you want to learn. She taught us a simple first dance and also how to do the Mom/Son dance. You don't have to learn choreography or anything. Just simple easy moves that make you look natural. Could not be happier with the experience!" Dan A., Medford, MA

Private Wedding Dance Lessons

Learn to dance for your first wedding dance in our private studio, just the two of you and your instructor. All private lesson info here.

"A family member gave us 3 private dance lessons as a wedding present a few months before our big day. We were nervous for our first dance, and we also were initially nervous about these dance lessons! Would we be the worst students Liz had ever had? Would she be able to teach us in 3 hours to look good on the dance floor? After the first five minutes with Liz, we knew our worries were completely unfounded; she is truly wonderful. Unbelievably to us at the time, dance lessons with Liz became the part of wedding planning we most looked forward to, and the lessons are one of the parts of the process we remember with the greatest fondness. Needless to say, we highly recommend Liz and Out to Dance!" Julie Bowerman, Somerville, MA

Nightclub Freestyle Dancing

If you feel exceedingly awkward when faced with a dance opportunity in a club, party, wedding or social event, you can find relief in just one private lesson in club dancing, (sometimes known as "fast dancing.") This is the informal kind of dancing where you're not touching your partner, just boogieing freely-- or not so freely, if you're currently feeling pretty dorky! You'll learn how to find the beat, how to get the very simplest basics of shifting weight, and what to do with your feet and arms. After a one-hour lesson, you'll have the skills to finally break the ice and get out there and party; all you'll need to do is go home and practice a couple times. You won't be memorizing any patterns; you'll be learning some very simple, natural movements where you can blend in with the dancing crowd, gain confidence, feel relaxed, and have fun. We offer Nightclub Freestyle Dancing only as a one-hour private lesson. That's all you'll need!

How will you know if this freestyle private lesson is right for you? If you do not dance at all at parties, weddings or clubs; or if you dance a little, but get little or no fun from it, and feel very self-conscious or awkward at all times, then this lesson will be helpful. (If you're someone who already has fun dancing but just wants some fancier moves, I suggest taking a salsa, hip hop, or belly dance class for some inspiration.)

"Liz is an excellent dance instructor!  She is patient, kind, helpful and so much fun!  I wanted to learn some free style dance moves so that I would feel more comfortable getting up on the dance floor.  In a one hour private lesson, Liz taught me basic steps and moves that I was hoping to learn.  Now when I get up on the dance floor I will have the confidence that I lacked before my dance lesson with Liz.  I showed my 92 year old mother, who is tactfully critical of my dancing, what I had learned from my lesson and she was absolutely thrilled with my progress! HIGHLY RECOMMEND WITH ENTHUSIASM" Lori B., Newton, MA.

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The Three Most Popular Wedding Dance Questions:

What style of dance should we learn for the song we chose for our first wedding dance? Slow-tempo through mid-tempo songs will require you to learn how to lead and follow, with some simple footwork and a few easy moves. We'll teach you a simple couple dance style, (sometimes called "creative slow dancing" or "schmooze foxtrot"). That's the quickest and easiest dance style to learn, and the most popular in our studio for couples learning for a first wedding dance. However, couples may choose a first dance song from a wide variety of fresh, contemporary music or vintage classics, and the rhythm may turn out to be good for a swing dance, foxtrot, cha cha, rhumba, waltz, salsa, two-step, or something completely different. You can choose your dance style based on what feels best to you, and also the amount of time you want to devote to learning. Your instructor will help you figure out what will be the easiest and most fun, and what will fit the rhythm of your first dance song.

Should we choreogragh our dance? Unless you're a seasoned dance performer, we strongly recommend against choreographing (meaning completely memorizing) a "routine"; that's tremendously time-consuming and almost always ends up looking stiff and unnatural. Plus, it's added stress for you in the moment. (We won't allow you to end up dancing robotically while moving your lips, resembling a deer in the headlights, as your guests look on in morbid fascination. Where's the fun in that?) You'd be surprised how easy it is to look impressive and polished with a simple repertoire, danced smoothly and creatively, with no counting or memorization of sequences.

"Liz didn't teach us 'a dance', she taught us to dance!" Jessica and Brian, Medford, MA

Can we dance to something really different? Absolutely! We guarantee you: if it has a beat, we can teach you to dance to it. Your first dance is a unique expression of you, and you don't need to to fit any mold. You want to love your song, and your dance!

"Rich and Karen were married November 6, and our dance lessons certainly paid off! I was so proud of my son, Rich, as he twirled his new bride on the dance floor. This is a guy who does not like to dance! Well, he does now. Our mother and son dance was just as impressive. You make dancing fun. I've highly recommended you to all our friends. Thanks so much." Rosalie Kelleher, Newton, MA

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Student Testimonials

"Who knew that two novice, nervous dancers would acquire enough skill and confidence to pull off a swing dance to Natalie Cole's L-O-V-E as our first dance? Our family and friends cheered in the middle of it when we did the fancy move you taught us! We can't thank you enough for helping us learn to dance, trust each other, build confidence, and then let go and have fun. We've never danced so much or had as much fun as on our wedding day- it was just what we were hoping for! We will be recommending OUT to Dance to everyone we know."
Jamie and Ashley Davis, Somerville, MA

"Honestly, our dance lessons were the most fun part of all our wedding preparation; we looked forward to every lesson!"
Sarah and Jeff, Jamaica Plain, MA

I dreaded having to dance at my wedding; now I'm actually excited about it. Unbelievable. Jason K., Boston, MA

"We had a great time in our dance lessons and will now feel much more at ease dancing in front of everyone at our wedding, and I'm sure we'll look a lot better in our wedding video, too! We will definitely recommend you to our friends! "
John and Amy Perry, Boston, MA

We were afraid the song we picked would be hard for us with four left feet. But, all it took was one lesson from you and our wedding dance was awesome. You helped calm our nerves by teaching us the basics like leading and following (who knew that two leads is one too many!). On the Big Day we remembered your instructions and we looked elegant. We even slipped in the twirls you taught us and people cheered! Thank you, Liz!
Stephanie Higgins
Director of the film "The Gay Marriage Thing"
Belmont, MA

My wife Katey and I took dancing lessons with you recently in June. Katey and I wanted to send you a thank you email for the class. It made us so much more relaxed and more confident out there on the dance floor during our 1st dance. Everyone was complimenting us and telling us how well we danced out there and how natural it looked. Jerry and Katey O'Neill, West Roxbury, MA


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When booking your wedding private dance lesson or class at our OUT to Dance studios in West Roxbury and Roslindale, note that our studio locations are within twenty minutes of downtown Boston, Dorchester, Jamaica Plain, Hyde Park, Brighton, Allston, Brookline, Newton, Chestnut Hill, Dedham, Norwood, Needham, Westwood, Milton and Quincy; and within 25 to 35 minutes of Cambridge, Somerville, Arlington, Wellesley, Natick, Waltham, Braintree, Brockton, Stoughton, Canton, Foxboro, Weymouth and surrounding towns. We are also less than an hour from Providence, Rhode Island and New Hampshire.

Wedding Dance Lessons: Wedding dance workshops, group classes and private lessons

You can learn quickly in a fun atmosphere in our semi-private small group wedding dance workshops. You can bring your first song if you've chosen one, and learn the specific dance that will work beautifully for your song. You may also want to learn what to do for the “parents' dances” and last dance at the wedding, or for other music you'll be enjoying at the wedding.

Semi-Private Dance Lessons

Favorite Dance Music Lists

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Other dances you can learn in our OUT to Dance Classes

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